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Cleanliness and safety on public transport are some of the highest concerns for passengers and employees.
We help the transport sector to meet excellent hygiene and safety standards and achieve positive customer experiences as a result.
We offer professional, expert cleaning products and innovative solutions for all organisations in the transport industry. Our extensive range of cleaning products are ideal for ensuring clean vehicles, waiting areas and communal spaces across rail, water, truck, air, and wider transportation sectors.
We understand the unique operational, technical and passenger challenges faced by the transport industry and are proud of providing cost-effective, efficient, and comprehensive cleaning solutions. With this expertise, you can keep your costs down, hygiene levels high and deliver the best possible passenger experiences.

Customer: North East Bus Company

In November 2020, North East Bus Company was let down by their national contracted rock salt provider, resulting in no deicing facilities for their depots.
A significant problem that could have led to a serious operational and commercial issues.

We utilised our robust supply chain, which already supports many schools and businesses in the region to deal with snow and cold weather.
When their national rock salt provider let them down, we were able to source and deliver large quantities of rock salt to sites almost immediately.
We also were able to source additional snow shovels in sufficient quantities for all their depots.

The vehicles, employees and public were able to use their depots with little impact on the service delivery, ensuring an efficient bus service and maintaining revenue streams.
The stock provided by Vita Direct lasted the whole season and the additional snow shovels enable them to clear roads and walkways to allow buses and people to safely move freely despite potentially dangerous weather conditions.

Other Supplies:

Gradually Vita Direct have introduced more products and services to this customer, further enhancing their passenger safety and experience. Responding to the Covid pandemic, a service was provided to the company and associated bus companies in the UK to sanitise all seats and touch points with a highly effective, long-lasting sanitising product that enabled the fleets to remain in service whilst simultaneously giving passengers a safe, hygienic environment.
Vita Direct is highly versatile in the range of products we supply to the transport industry, including vacuums, carpet cleaning machines, wipes as well as sanitizing gel for the drivers and staff.
A full range of transport cleaning materials and specialist cleaning chemicals are stocked to suit any cleaning need, including Nitrile Gloves, Blue Roll, black waste bags for waste and rubbish, amongst many others. We are confident that whatever your need, we have a solution and have 50 years of experience in recommending and advising processes and processes to the transport industry.

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