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Core Values

Vita Direct Ltd is a family-owned business based in the North East of England. Our core values underpin our business, and these have been the foundation for success to date

Customer Satisfaction: Order Fulfilment and Customer Support.

Our integrated approach to industry knowledge, experience, systems, and skills, means that we do not see logistics merely as efficient delivery – it is part of our total focus on customer service and contract efficiency
We believe in ensuring our all our team members are knowledgeable, supportive, and dedicated to ‘going the extra mile’ when it comes to customer service. It is our aim that every Vita Direct team member, regardless of position, should be able to provide specific advice, training and solve issues quickly and effectively for our customers.
With our focus on systems, people and service, our set of KPI benchmarks are in place to monitor prompt and complete deliveries, product compliance, customer satisfaction, contract cost, and environmental impact.
These KPI commitments include -

  • Next day delivery
  • Stock available to complete sales
  • Customer satisfaction Includes supplying efficient quality cost saving systems.
  • Damaged or returned goods replace within 1 day
  • Customer retention. Consistent service for the customer’s needs.
  • Dedication to product development, giving superior quality ie the latest in biodegradable wipes.

Environment: Protecting and Improving Our Environment

Our approach to business is careful, eco-conscious and responsible.
We fully consider the impact of every decision on the environment and continually strive to improve our energy consumption, waste management, recycling, and carbon footprint. Our entire product range complies with, and often exceeds, relevant environmental legislation.This commitment extends to working with businesses with like-minded values at every opportunity, so our supply chain and partners have a progressive, eco-conscious approach to business too.

Jobs: Promote Local Skills and Employment

As a family run business, we recognise that the people who work for us are our greatest asset, we aim to run a business that provides its team with the best working environment and opportunities to develop their skills.We are extremely proud of our supporting our community and have a longstanding record of commitment to recruiting, training and upskilling staff from the local area. As an equal opportunities’ employer, we believe in fairness and have a distinctive record of supporting staff with disabilities to live and work independently.

Growth: Supporting Growth of Responsible Regional Business

We are part of the local economic community and pride ourselves in supporting regional businesses and charities. We aim to source raw materials locally whenever possible and prioritise working with local, independent, and like-minded companies. To support our community, we have developed a bespoke pricing structure to help Not For Profit organisations reduce the financial strain of operating by reducing the prices we charge for essential cleaning and hygiene products.

Social: Healthier, Safer, and more Resilient Communities

Always working with integrity, professionalism, and pride, we believe in valuing all individuals, clients, and partners equally. We have a zero tolerance of discrimination in any form and aim to be respectful, accepting supportive of all religion, cultural values, and individuality in all forms.


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