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During these last few months, we and you will have had many letters relating to rising prices for services and goods.
The lowest cost per box of toilet tissue or hand towel may not be the lowest cost in use.
Recently a new Bursar taking out a toilet tissue system as the cost of the box was too high. A Bulk Pack toilet tissue was fitted as it cost less per box, a lot less. Six weeks later we refitted the original system.  The Bulk Pack Dispensers had to be filled twice per day instead of once a week with the original system fitted causing an increase in gross expenditure. 
Vita Direct have systems where we can supply dispensers free on loan whether it be Toilet Tissue, Hand Towel and Soap. We think that the Foam Soap options are best and cleanest in operation and price.
One well known local Museum was having trouble with drains regularly being blocked resulting in a significant cost to maintain the drains each month. Vita Direct changed the type of Toilet Tissue and they have been free of trouble ever since greatly reducing their service costs.
Greener products are becoming more popular, and it is does not necessarily follow that the cost will be more than you have been paying.
We stock a lot more product so that we can keep you our customer supplied mostly with next day delivery. 
I trust you have found this an encouraging letter and please do talk to us should you have any concerns or queries. We have some 50 plus years of experience to help you.

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