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Food Processing

Ensuring specific, compliant, and effective cleaning processes are in place throughout your facility is an essential aspect to any food processing and production business.
Both human and machine food safety hygiene is critical to delivering a successful and compliant operation. Vita Direct provides food processing clients with a complete range of products and professional cleaning solutions to meet these standards.
We understand the unique operational, technical and efficiency challenges faced by the food processing industry and are proud of providing cost-effective, efficient, and comprehensive range of cleaning solutions designed to keep your costs down, peak production levels and achieve the highest possible hygiene standards.
At Vita Direct we work alongside food processing and production businesses to ensure structured and reliable cleaning systems are put in place, delivering best practice, and maintaining an environment that will meet the required inspection standards.

Vita Direct are proud to have supported several food manufacturing businesses with a range of reliable cleaning systems and high-quality products. When a customer approached us looking for support with cross contamination risks and inefficient hand washing procedures, we were happy to provide a solution.
By providing a range of coloured cloths to be used alongside a cleaning guide for each specific cloth, we were able dramatically minimise the cross-contamination risk on specific product lines. With a new clear and simple procedure, alongside dedicated products, the customer was able to ensure that their cleaning processes met the exacting hygiene standards expecting of a large food manufacturing site.
Hand hygiene was a further challenge for this customer, and we were able to help them successfully overcome this issue with the combination of specifically designed work gloves and an upgraded hand washing stations. A new range of work gloves provided safe, comfortable, and strong personal protection for the team, whilst delivering a highly effective solution to minimising the contamination risk within the process.
Their existing hand washing stations had a touch lever to dispense hand drying paper, causing a significant cross contamination risk. In addition, a range of different dispensers and keys caused huge operational inefficiencies and restocking challenges.
Vita Direct overcame this issue by installing 40 hands-free roll dispensers, each accurately delivering one sheet of fresh uncontaminated paper each time they were used, helping the customer rest assured that their hand cleaning processes were as contact free, efficient and contamination risk free as possible.

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