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Facilities Management

At Vita Direct we work alongside facilities management teams to provide a complete range of professional cleaning solutions and quality products.
If your processes rely on a clean, safe, and hygienic environment, we can help deliver the highest quality cleaning solutions to keep your facilities operational.
At Vita Direct we understand that when the essential pillars of People, Products and Processes combine harmoniously in a professional setting, facilities become more efficient and productive.
Our extensive knowledge of working within this sector gives us an insight into the unique challenges faced. So that you can ensure cleanliness and hygiene are maintained across a range of sites, whilst delivering tangible operational and financial efficiencies.

Customer: Facilities Management Group Contracted to Public Sector

This Facilities Management Group faced a major challenge in the schools they managed on behalf of the local authority.
The school playgrounds had a significant litter issue caused by the quality of their external bins and they were also facing a challenge with fire hazards caused by their current internal communal bins.

The current external bins in place at the schools were open topped, in windy conditions lighter weight rubbish placed in the bins would regularly be blown around the site.

We were able to provide more suitable options with larger shrouded bins that were provided with dual aces lids, allowing for multiple users and resolving the issue of litter escaping the bin.

The internal bins had an issue with vandalism and fires being started.

We provided metal foot operated spring-loaded lidded bins as a solution to combat the risk of fire.

These bins closed automatically when not in use, therefore reducing the danger to life and property that a large scale fire could have caused

The health and safety impact on the environment was immediate resulting in less accidents and malicious attacks.
The safety features that the new products introduced greatly reduced injuries and incidents around the schools.

Additionally, significant labour savings on litter picking costs were made.

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