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Education Sector

We provide specialist cleaning products and solutions to schools, colleges, universities, nurseries and learning centres across the UK.
We understand the importance of a clean, sanitised, and hygienic classroom for the delivery of high-quality education. Whether it is a higher education centre for adults, or an early learning nursery setting, Vita Direct can help you overcome the unique challenges faced in helping facilities stay open and safe for students, children, and faculty members.
At Vita Direct we work alongside educational clients to provide a complete range of professional cleaning solutions and quality products to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene. Helping to minimising operational disruption that could affect the educational service you provide. From graffiti and chewing gum removal, to hand sanitisation stations and PPE provision.
Vita Direct deliver specific, compliant and effective cleaning procedures ideal for any educational setting.

Customer: Academy Group


In response to sanitising regulations, societal expectations and increased public health issues, the need for effective contamination control and improved protective measures were needed for all the group’s sites.Resolution:


Upon full consultation with the client, Vita Direct already stocked many sanitising products and PPE equipment that was required to comply with government directives and provide a safe, hygienic learning environment.

Following a set of extensive site visits and audits, we were able to establish the need for:
• Hand sanitising stations to be available in each area, plus entry and exit points.
• Effective wipe down procedures and products for high touch points around each site (door handles, I.T equipment, etc.).
• Area decontamination at regular intervals (fogging machines and aerosol sanitisers)
• Compliant and effective face masks, face shields and gloves to be made readily available.
• The introduction of effective anti-bacterial soap for all the site’s wash points.

By ensuring a thorough consultation and audit process was in place, as well as consistent communication with the client, we were able to identify all the risks areas and provide effective solutions to minimise those risks.

This enabled the site to function as an active educational facility throughout a challenging public health period.

By providing the highest quality, EN standard compliant products and advising on efficient new processes, we were able to support the client in reducing the number of illnesses to pupils and staff, whilst simultaneously ensuring public trust in the standards of the group remained high.

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