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Regardless of your care setting either,in the social or clinical; we know that disease and infection prevention strategies in facility cleaning are only as effective as the hygiene practices that support them. Your hygiene and domestic teams work constantly to reduce the risk of pathogens and cross-contamination, which can come from many potential sources. They maintain the highest standards of hygiene in every area of your cleaning operations and we can help you achieve even more.

The care of service users is of primary importance and is regularly monitored and first impressions are vital and can certainly affect the end result of the assessment. We know what auditors, such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC), are looking for when it comes to hygiene standards in clinical environment cleaning and we can help you get it right. From deep cleaning and rapid disinfection, to public areas that need regular maintenance and rapid response incident cleaning, we have the knowledge to help you tackle these situations.

Demonstrating due diligence in health and social care is hard when coming up against time and budget pressure, however with our significant cost saving opportunities and the right processes you can achieve a higher standard of cleaning. We operate on a number of different frameworks allowing us to implement our theories in the industry, so you can be sure your cleaning is playing a large part in effective infection control.