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* Meet the i-Gum - Simple, Fast Clean 39-302

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Battery powered- No Gas or external generators or electrical leads necessary to operate the machine.

Just charge up your i-Mop battery, and start working!

Complete With:

1 x Brush with Telescopic Handle 2 x Nylon Wire Brush 3 x Steel Wire Brush

A comfortable self contained backpack is worn by the operative allowing for complete freedom of movement and easy usability. The unit is attached to an ergonomic lance designed specifically to ensure fast, reliable and easy operation with maximum chewing gum removal. At the point of contact, our specially designed brush emits a PH Neutral and Safe chemical steam mixture to evaporate the chewing gum, which can then be brushed away. It eliminates the need for high pressure hoses, unfriendly chemicals and overspray into unwanted spaces, making it highly suitable to work in both populated and busy areas. The high quality and robust design of the i-gum means it has a continuous operating cycle of a minimum of eight hours.