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Hospital grade alcohol-based 70-80% hand disinfection

  • Hospital grade alcohol-based hand disinfectant 70-80%.
  • Suitable for both personal and commercial use and in all facilities and premises to prevent the spread of germs. Use for general hygiene to disinfect hands e.g. Use after coughing, sneezing, contact with infected material, or potentially contaminated surfaces.
  • To use
  • General hand hygiene application: Put a small amount in your dry hands and rub it from the fingertips over the palms and backs of the hands. Allow to dry completely without wiping or rinsing. Important: The use of towels or tissues may lead to re-contamination.
  • Effective Kills 99.9% of P. aeruginosa, E. coli, S. aureus and E. hirae under BS EN 1276:2019.
  • The gel is easy to rub on your hands. Drops, splashes and thus unnecessary losses are avoided, as is the case with liquid alcohol-based disinfectants.
  • User-friendly
  • For frequent use between hand washes.
  • The ingredients used suggest a low skin allergy potential.
  • Allergy sufferers are advised to check the list of ingredients before use.
  • No fragrance or coloring agents added.
  • Use without water. Dries quickly on the hands. No rinsing with water require.
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